Childhood & Family Obesity Task Force

Since 2008, Irving Healthcare Foundation has worked with other Irving agencies, such as the YMCA, as part of a Childhood Obesity Task Force (COTF). Our initial focus was reaching school-age children through after-class initiatives. Today, however, we’re focused on the entire family–not just children. So we’ve expanded our name to the Childhood & Family Obesity Task Force.

IHF seeks donations to help cover the costs for the Fit for Health program. This program provides 11 weeks of fun family fitness “boot camps” that happen throughout the year. These classes focus on helping entire families who want to reach healthy weight levels through healthy eating alternatives and increased activity. In addition to the classes, all participants have complete access to the fitness area for 11 weeks and receive a 1-month membership to the Irving YMCA to continue their exercise!

A Smarter Student

“Thank you to everyone who made this program possible. Because of this program my family and my life have changed.  I learned a lot of nutrition facts that I didn’t know. Ever since I stepped into this class, my family and I have been having home-cooked meals for the past two months. I even have started opening up the recipe book to make things myself, and they are much better than McDonald’s. To all the kids out there, McDonald’s isn’t all that great.”