Infant Warmers for Healthier Babies

Four warmers funded; only three more needed to update our nursery!

Infant WarmerApproximately 2,500 children get their start in life at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center-Irving. Most are cared for in our well-child nursery. Our Special Care Nursery (SCN), however, is a 10-bed unit that admits infants who are at 32 weeks gestation or older; approximately 250 newborns a year need care in our SCN, where they stay six to eight days on average.

The last time we purchased new infant warmers (which typically have average “life” of about seven years) for both the regular and Special Care Nursery was 1998 to 2000. It’s definitely past time to get new ones–and here’s why:

  • The newer infant warmers available now provide an even more precise radiant heat source to regulate infants’ body temperatures at precise levels. It is so important for infants to use precious calories to grow and gain weight—rather than using them to maintain their body temperature.
  • The warmer’s design provides easy access to the infant from all sides by the caregiver and the parents without disrupting the heat source.
  • The bed height is adjustable and will lower to the level of a wheelchair so that a mom can bond with her baby in our Special Care Nursery. This feature is also helpful to our nurses (eliminating back strain).
  • The mattress rotates easily so the infant can be repositioned for procedures without picking them up and moving them. This is especially important in unstable infants that cannot tolerate movement.
  • There is an integrated in-bed scale for weighing the baby daily without removing them from the bed.
  • The beds are easily portable, so they can be moved from the emergency room, delivery room or operating room to our SCN or regular nursery.

Generous donors have helped fund four warmers so far, but we still need funding for three more of these very specialized warming beds (at $17,570 each).

Your gift below can help ensure the next generation of babies from Irving, Grand Prairie, Coppell and surrounding communities have the best possible start in life!