3D Mammography

In 2016, generous donors fully funded Baylor Scott & White Health’s first 3D mammography device in Irving at the only charitable hospital’s north campus (Interstate Highway 635 and MacArthur Boulevard). Since its April installation, more than 1,700 mammograms have been completed and 10 women so far have had their cancers found earlier because of this new form of imaging, which finds tumors when they are tiny and most treatable.

Now, IHF’s wonderful donors have done it again!

They’ve fully funded a second, critically needed 3D mammography device to better serve patients from Irving, Grand Prairie, Coppell and other surrounding communities. We received notification of a gift from an appreciated donor to complete our fundraising in February…and it was the best Valentine that IHF has ever received!

The second device is now ordered and will be installed in the next few months to better serve patients. This one will be located on our hospital’s main campus (State Highway 183 and MacArthur Boulevard) and will have the additional benefit of biopsy capabilities to help confirm diagnoses, when needed. We’ll be the first community hospital in the area to have this added biopsy capability as part of our 3D mammography offering.

Benefits for Patients:

  • 3D images detect abnormalities that aren’t always found by traditional mammograms, especially women with dense breast tissue.
  • These devices deliver more detail and accuracy, allowing our radiologists to provide patients with more peace of mind.

3D Mammography (in combination with traditional digital mammography) has the potential to:

  • Detect up to 40 percent more invasive cancers.
  • Reduce false-positive rates by 15 percent.
  • Decrease calls back for re-imaging by 40 percent…which will mean less worry, anxiety and cost for patients!
  • Improve the selection of patients for biopsy.

If you helped with a gift for either (or both!) of these imaging devices, thank you!

Still want to help us with other equipment and patient education needs? Then thank you…and please use the form below.